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The Practical Side of Lewis: Patriotism

It would be plausible that any writer who fought in World War I and lived through World War II would have something to say about nation-building. Should a Christian find some personal identity in one’s country? I found two occasions where Lewis talks about this practical issue. One occasion is a letter …

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The Practical Side of Lewis: Occupation vs. Vocation

You may think C.S. Lewis’s writings only offer an intellectual approach to faith, one that certainly employs a creative vision, but is often stuck too far in the clouds. I would argue that such an approach, bathed in imagination, actually becomes the legs that everyday, practical faith actually walk on and …

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What Do You Know?

C. S. Lewis would be among the first to run clear away from a Christian message that promises God’s comfort without the reality of sacrifice. Through history, from the beginning of the Christian Church through today’s plethora of options, some preachers have chosen to emphasize the more acceptable, tolerable, comfortable …

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Lewis and Politics

By Tim Scheiderer – In 1951, Winston Churchill and the Conservative Party regained control of the prime-ministership and Parliament. A few weeks after the election, the Prime Minister’s office wrote C.S. Lewis indicating the Prime Minister would like to bestow upon Lewis the honorary title, “Commander of the British Empire.” …

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Summer Reading

Do you have your summer reading list put together? We certainly encourage you to read Lewis in whatever format you choose. But you might also want to read a book that was in Lewis’s library–a book that influenced him. 

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Stephen to Lazarus

As you know, Lewis wrote poetry throughout his life. Many of these works are collected in the volume simply called “Poems.” In addition, it’s helpful to note that his first book, Spirits in Bondage: A Cycle of Lyrics (1919), was a work of poetry, though it would be years before he would …

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Chosen for the Unchosen

The Old Testament speaks of a “chosen people.” It’s a label that sounds exclusive, and our modern minds find it abrasive. “Democrats by birth and education,” Lewis says in Miracles, “we should prefer to think that all nations and individuals start level in the search for God, or even that …

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Reading Children’s Stories

In continuing our group of entries on reading, you might assume–and correctly–that Lewis has something to say about stories for children, especially given the Narnia series and secondarily (I think) the space trilogy. In Of Other Worlds, he gives us three ways of writing for children in an essay aptly titled, “On …

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Reading Expands Us

In An Experiment in Criticism Lewis says this: “Each of us by nature sees the whole world from one point of view with a perspective and a selectiveness peculiar to himself.” Reading well helps us to step outside our own naveled gaze and into a different point of view. “We want to see …

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