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Summer Reading

Do you have your summer reading list put together? We certainly encourage you to read Lewis in whatever format you choose. But you might also want to read a book that was in Lewis’s library–a book that influenced him. 

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Stephen to Lazarus

As you know, Lewis wrote poetry throughout his life. Many of these works are collected in the volume simply called “Poems.” In addition, it’s helpful to note that his first book, Spirits in Bondage: A Cycle of Lyrics (1919), was a work of poetry, though it would be years before he would …

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Chosen for the Unchosen

The Old Testament speaks of a “chosen people.” It’s a label that sounds exclusive, and our modern minds find it abrasive. “Democrats by birth and education,” Lewis says in Miracles, “we should prefer to think that all nations and individuals start level in the search for God, or even that …

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Reading Children’s Stories

In continuing our group of entries on reading, you might assume–and correctly–that Lewis has something to say about stories for children, especially given the Narnia series and secondarily (I think) the space trilogy. In Of Other Worlds, he gives us three ways of writing for children in an essay aptly titled, “On …

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Reading Expands Us

In An Experiment in Criticism Lewis says this: “Each of us by nature sees the whole world from one point of view with a perspective and a selectiveness peculiar to himself.” Reading well helps us to step outside our own naveled gaze and into a different point of view. “We want to see …

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A Reading Life

Lewis has a good deal to say about reading. We might think he provides advice on reading high-minded books, ones that perhaps Oxford dons leisurely read and the rest of the population labor to enjoy, let alone comprehend. It isn’t true. While Lewis was a ferocious reader ever since his …

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What Are You Eating?

Edmund is tempted by sweet treats in the Narnia tales. The temptation, though childish, lures him into evil. This idea of gratification of appetite is poignant. Wormwood in “The Screwtape Letters” says that humans are “primarily food” to Satan, “the absorption of its [the human] will into ours, the increase …

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Lewis and the Bible: New and Old Testaments

We know C.S. Lewis has a high opinion of the Bible. What is less cited are specific references that Lewis calls out in poetic and theological language, through his stories, his essays, and most certainly his letters. In a series of entries simply titled “Lewis and the Bible”, I hope …

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Resurrection and Reversal

Resurrection is a subject that is central to the Christian narrative. Lewis addresses the idea of resurrection in his stories (Aslan and Eustace come to mind, for example), in his theological works, and in his letters. Here, I want to point out several occasions where Lewis discusses resurrection with hopes …

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