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Lewis on the Bible

Lewis commented on the Bible throughout his life as a Christian. You’d expect such, given his engagement with theology and literature, let alone observation of human experience and culture. He certainly did so in a sweeping way (and often creative way), whether it be the various loves, the megaphone of …

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Christmas Reflection on God Descending

Christmas for the Christian starts with Christmas day and lasts until Epiphany, also called the Manifestation of God to the Gentiles. It’s when the pagan wise men from the East make it to Nazareth with gifts of adoration for Jesus, who is likely about two years old when they arrive. …

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Advent Reflections on Love

Lewis has a lot to say about love. As you know, The Four Loves threads through the love of a mother, of a lover, of a friend, and of God himself. Each love exhibits different qualities, with agape love as the definition and conclusion of all love. As John reminds us in I …

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Advent Reflections on Hope

Although a younger tradition than the Lent, the leadup to Eastertide, Advent is a time of waiting, of anticipation afresh the Incarnation. At its start (this year, December 2), is a feast day to begin the new Christian year. Many non-denominational churches pass right into the talk of Christmas, ignoring …

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Surprised By Misquotes

William O’Flaherty, with a Lewis search engine and years of knowledge at the ready, sleuths out the startling number of quotations from C.S. Lewis that he never said or wrote. He’s been doing this sort of investigation work for at least the last decade that I’ve known him. It’s an …

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The Lion in the Wasteland

It’s a privilege to feature an interview with Dr. Janice Brown. She was a professor of English from Grove City College for 21 years before retiring in 2017. You may also know her as a specialist in Dorothy Sayers who also lectures on other writers in the “Inklings milieu,” so …

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A Time for Devils and Goblins

Late October is a time for devils and goblins, horror movies, tricks, and treats. If you’re a Lewis reader, you may spend time in The Screwtape Letters as a way to usher in All Hallow’s Eve, as well as the more important, All Souls’ Day. I picked up the masterfully annotated …

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The Practical Side: Humor

Disguised in a conversation between devils, apropos to the season at hand, is Lewis’s advice on humor. If we take Screwtape’s advice as the antithesis of what we ought to do, which is certainly Lewis’s point, we’ll discover several truths about a light-footed way to approach (and not approach) the …

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The Practical Side: Patriotism

It would be plausible that any writer who fought in World War I and lived through World War II would have something to say about nation-building. Should a Christian find some personal identity in one’s country? I found two occasions where Lewis talks about this practical issue. One occasion is a letter …

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The Practical Side: Occupation vs. Vocation

You may think C.S. Lewis’s writings only offer an intellectual approach to faith, one that certainly employs a creative vision, but is often stuck too far in the clouds. I would argue that such an approach, bathed in imagination, actually becomes the legs that everyday, practical faith actually walk on and …

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