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All Shall Be Well

In a letter to his good friend Owen Barfield, dated June 2, 1940, Lewis invokes Julian of Norwich (1342-1416). Julian is a Christian mystic known for her 16 visions that she recorded in Revelations of Divine Love. From Norfolk, England, she is credited with the first book written by a woman in …

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The Difference Between Two Kinds of Nearness

In the beginning paragraphs of The Four Loves, Lewis provides a good distinction between nearness by likeness and nearness by approach when it comes to our relationship with God. On the one hand, we are near to God because we are all made in his image. He gives us life and our …

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Point of View for Lent

As many of you certainly know, Lent is the 40-day pilgrimage that Christians take every year as they look to Easter. Last week it was introduced by the solemn reminder that we are dust (and to dust we will return) on Ash Wednesday. Our breath and being are animated by …

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Moving Into Lent

Lent begins on Feb. 14, the 40 days that take us to Easter. It seems to always sneak up and want more of us than we ever gave during Advent. I suppose that makes sense. We are, as you know, walking with Jesus to Jerusalem to see him suffer and …

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Iron Nerves

In a letter on Feb 23, 1947, Lewis makes some observations about Jesus that are worth mentioning, especially during this season of Christmas as we reflect on the Incarnation. Here’s what he says:

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The Grand Miracle

“The central miracle asserted by Christians is the Incarnation,” Lewis says in Miracles (Chapter 14) that at the center of Christianity is the Incarnation of Jesus, God becoming flesh and dwelling among humanity (John 1). Lewis says that the Incarnation, “digs beneath the surface, works through the rest of our knowledge by unexpected channels, …

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Lessons on Prayer

In a brief letter in August 1949, Lewis says, “I don’t feel I could write a book on Prayer: I think it would be rather ‘cheek’ of my part.” Nevertheless, he did end up writing Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer in which he writes to a fictitious friend about what …

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Should Hell Veto Heaven?

In the United States, Thanksgiving is November 23. As many people gather to be thankful for the earthly blessings of family, peace, and sustenance, let’s hope many more remember to always be thankful that Jesus says, “I go to prepare a place for you and I’ll come back again so …

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