Sarah Elizabeth Weigert Have not read this....must find it!
Rick Cratty Don't have to deal with that anymore. Everything I could need, or want Jesus has seen to. No longer have the hole in my heart that couldn't be filled by Him. It is a LOT more relaxing not chasing..well, nothing actually.
CB Deb You have to put it to death ! Assassinate it. It is that powerful and will ruin your life if you do not do so. You will have a sour existence whether or not you have a little or a lot. You will be morose and a cloud will hang over you whether you are with people or alone. Kill it while you can before it kills you !
Arlyn Showalter Live your life in the counsel of God's word, neither assuming nor denying any entitlement other than that which is owed to a scoundrel, and you will always be thankful for the grace that you have received.
Anne Hall Envy is not in my situation. I learned a long time ago if I found that in me, I needed to look @ my choices and decide what I needed to discuss with Yahweh. He has been faithful and true when humans have not.
Jeff McShamus O'Hoolihan O'Bowen Proverbs 27:20 Death and Destruction are never satisfied, and neither are eyes of man.
Lee Porter The same is true of Lust, Pride, Wrath, Avarice, Gluttony, and Sloth.
Rebecca Peniston Just replace with envy with sin and you sum up our need for constant relationship with God
Lori Cork Today I heard a speaker say that " Envy is the enemy of evangelism." How true.
David Robles As the post below shows, the Church Fathers have written quite a bit about envy, http://findingthewaytotheheart.blogspot.com/2012/04/envy-revisited.html?m=1
Tina Banerjee Chittom Envy is at the root of Communism, and at the root of the hate of successful billionaires....
Darryl Penner I like my friend Joe's line: "I'm doing so much better than I deserve." I have so much more than I deserve!
Sondra Ehley Such a sensible quote - isn't it one of the 7 deadly sins, according to God's Word??
Barbara Brecht Forney Amen! So true! So give it nothing!!
Alex Shim Mind blown / reminded to read to this book.
William Robert Adams Great essay on education and democracy.
Amy Watts Lust says: "Give, give."
Marilyn Hughes Agree!
Brenda L. Carr Absolutely
Sara Curtiss 😳
Nick Stay that's true
Loree Dygos I certainly needed to hear this today!
Pedro Vila López Absolutely true
Epafroditus Budiawan Amen
Christine Kariuki Absolutely true!
Luke Ritchie One of my favorite books too, but not at all the quote I would have chosen to represent it. The character who speaks this line doesn't even really believe it! I would say the deeper message of the book is that we must live as exiles before we can find our home.
Doug Nelson I have read this book. I just looked up this quote. It is found just a few pages into the book. But you have to know who said it and in what context. You also have to have read the whole book to understand what there is to learn from it.
Kendall Root This is one of the Lewis books I have not read... Now I'm curious. My initial reaction to this quote: perhaps if all the world is one city, that actually implies that there is nowhere on this world to which you can travel and NOT be an exile.
Anne Hall Refocus, reframing is a way of minimizing or renaming an offense that has caused pain. It is a technique to get people unstuck from an injury that Christ speaks to....."Father please forgive them for they do not know what they do!" The statement that followed the aldultress woman, is "sin no more." There are some people who look for these reframing techniques to give themselves absolution without changing their behavior or character. Now I have to read the book.
Patrick McCarthy there's the City of Babylon ... and there's the City of GOD ... one of these having to come down from Heaven ... the other being a creation of man. GOD Bless us to be citizens of the City of GOD.
Tom Benefield I like the way he writes the main character's speech, as well as the main character herself. One of my favorite discoveries as an adult.
Robert Castro OK, but The Fox said some things he took back after his death. Not sure he is the best source for a quote. Just sayin'. (Lies of poets...)
Elizabeth Buffy Harvey I had read this about 4 times before I realized he wrote it. One of my favorites. Never read anything of his that I didn't like.
Heather Hayne In the top 5 of my Favourite Lewis books. leaves a big impression and can be read again and again, learning something new each time.
Holly Conklin For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his won soul? Or wha5 will a man give in exchange for his soul? (Matthew ch. 16 v26 NKJ)
Sean Patrick Regan "Till We Have Tacos" Lewis' largely unknown cookbook. ...I'm not the only one who read it that way at first, am I?
Bethany Perry Thanks for introducing me to this book Shane Harper ❤ definitely a favorite!
Barbara A Richards An excellent book. An interpretation of an ancient story that is thought-provoking way past the actual time of reading it.
Scott Miller Where is the best site to get a commentary on The Screwtape Letters?
Sarah Elizabeth Weigert Love this book! Love this authoor! This is a great take on the mythological love story of Psyche and Eros/Cupid.
Marshall Drake Wow, haven't read this book since school, 40 years ago.
Sarah N. Bauer As long as no citizen tries to take our the world, and as long as guests are polite and obey the laws in a foreign land, as stated in the bible.
Jennie Velasco This is one of my most treasured books!
Keith Jarrett Jordan Rose. Use this in your speeches. I loved this concept from TWHF
Karen Headrick Williams One of my favorite books by C.S. Lewis.
Martha Bory Culver One of my favorite books 💜
강민수 김재현 오늘 일하면서.. 정리한 책이닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Andrew Pettey Heaven and earth can be his also.
Tracy Cavelli-Trussell One of my favorite C S Lewis books!
Andie Minert *in exile
Bethany Saxton Reminds me of a quote regarding Humility: "Humility -- a strange thing. The minute you think you've got it -- you've lost it."
Janet Hall Yes, but then the value sets in and you can savor it...it's subtle but good... perhaps some of the original excitement has diminished but you recognize the truth in what you have... Definitely awakens the mind...
Warren Skaggs "If you don't hate your own life you cannot be my disciple." Jesus gave me this verse so I can change easier , and so I can change into the easier life God has for me. If I believe I have the good flavor why would I need to change for God. Humility and being free to change anytime for God's Glory.
Sue Kinsman Blessed are those who are gifted with it naturally (humility) Some people have a painful lack of it and unfortunately It is not easily acquired.
Tim Logan There is no greater sense of pride as to think you're humble enough.
Joseph Swanson "Ah yes, C.S.Lewis. I'm just the kind of chap who'd instantly see the value in his work."
Cals Sattler The look blinded by seeing itself looking
Ron Jürgensen Soooooo true
Joan McKenzie Interesting!
Celestiel East Balson Love me some CS Lewis
Trudie Cruey this is a deep thought, i have to agree with it
Bahram Zangene Any body can explain it,please
Judi Walker Wilson True!
Karen Shemesh <3 Humility <3
Terese Kvasnicka Humility.....
Joseph Sproule Hmmmm
Kevin Dedmon Jr. Clarence E. Davis II Wow
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