“The Sound and Savor” of Words: Lewis on the Art of Writing

  • Jul 24, 2010
  • David C. Downing

I recently received a student essay explaining that “immigration, taxation, and economic exploitation have contributed to polarization across our nation.” Apart from its broad generalizing, the essay was clearly not written to be read aloud. Its rat-a-tat prose assaults the ear as if it were composed by an unlikely committee …

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C. S. Lewis: His Literary Achievement

  • Apr 14, 2010
  • Will Vaus

I have a confession to make: I do not often read secondary works on C. S. Lewis. This may sound strange, coming from someone who has now written three books on Lewis. However, one reason I don’t read more secondary works on Lewis is because it is almost always more …

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Did Lewis & Tolkien Plan to Write Together?

  • Oct 02, 2009
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Did C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien collaborate on a project that was never published? It is well known that the two were close friends and relished each other’s praise and criticism. However, there is little evidence that the two intended on working together on any manuscript. Steven A. Beebe, professor …

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Jack the Blogger?

  • Sep 02, 2009
  • Bruce L. Edwards

Our continued affection for and the extended appeal of C. S. Lewis more than 45 years after his death, so near the end of the first decade of the supposedly post-postmodern 21st Century, suggests to me two things about him and his work that may seem patently obvious. Except for …

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Duty with a Stamp: “Half My Life is Spent Answering Letters”

  • May 15, 2008
  • Andrew Cuneo

When the third volume of C.S. Lewis’s Collected Letters came out in 2006, it did not receive nearly the attention it deserved. Its publication, however, marked the summit of assembling and editing which Walter Hooper almost single-handedly accomplished in the space of eight years. But where were the mainstream reviews …

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