The Hard Knock at the Door of Christianity

  • Aug 05, 2008
  • Harvey Solganick
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While reforming my faith, accepting Christ, against the “hard knock” of agnosticism, humanism, and atheism, I noticed a perilous, parallel philosophical journey taken by C.S. Lewis in response to his own battle with his Christian walk. Lewis constantly retained an admiring endearment to his teacher, W. T. Kirkpatrick, or as …

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Good News for Toy Soldiers

  • Jul 18, 2008
  • Sarah Arthur

I recently completed my first year of graduate theological studies at a major university. Before classes began, I figured I would need to say goodbye to C. S. Lewis as a literary voice in my life, considering his rather dubious reputation among academics. Everyone in the academy darts for cover …

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Lewis the Lover

  • May 25, 2008
  • Diana Glyer

By now, the flak over The Golden Compass and the fuss over Philip Pullman’s disgust for the Narnia books have pretty much blown over. People expressed surprise and dismay. Some attended the film, and others stayed home and did something they liked better. As for Pullman, he made his position …

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Prince Caspian and the Planets

  • May 15, 2008
  • Michael Ward

Prince Caspian is woken by his tutor, Dr. Cornelius, in the middle of the night and taken up a dark stairway to the top of a tower. There he sees the conjunction of two planets: “Tarva, the Lord of Victory, salutes Alambil, the Lady of Peace.” According to Dr Cornelius, …

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