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Is Happiness Progressive?

In his article “Is Progress Possible,” published on July 13, 1958, and now available in God in the Dock, Lewis asks this question: “Are people becoming, or likely to become, better or happier?” It’s a question that is difficult to answer given that most people are unknown to ones who might be …

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The Harrowing of Hell

In his letter to a Mrs. Sutherland (April 28, 1960), Lewis introduces several points about heaven that might catch you. Do you have hope of heaven? Do you know that there’s a place prepared for you and that in God’s plan, you now belong in heaven because of Jesus’ death …

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Who Is Interfering?

When we think of religion we might turn to a set of rules that, if followed, will produce a sense of order and satisfaction. We may also view religion as an aim to experience a particular feeling or emotion through a variety of means. But Christianity is not chiefly about …

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“I strongly hoped [Christianity] was not true”

“My own position at the threshold of Xtianity was exactly the opposite of yours,” Lewis writes in a 1950 letter. “You wish it were true: I strongly hoped it was not.” If Christianity is true, Lewis knew it would demand a change in him; he knew what Psalms 139 says:

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Patterns of Prayer

Lewis points to two patterns of prayer in a letter on November 28, 1953. I think it’s a great help for anyone who is thinking about how best to pray. Lewis says the two patterns are seen in the life of Jesus: (A) the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest …

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Pitch Your Demands Heaven-High

C.S. Lewis prayed often. He says in one letter, “I have two lists of names in my prayers, those for whose conversion I pray, and those for whose conversion I give thanks. The little trickle of transferences from List A to List B is a great comfort.” It’s comforting to …

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Communication Problems

What do you think is the communication problem between the Christian and the wider world? Lewis has a couple of points to make about it in an essay titled “Before We Can Communicate”. So, before you answer, let’s look at what he wrote and see if you agree. 

August 19, 2017 3:56 am Published by

It’s Not About the Status Quo

If we think God came down from Heaven to restore the status quo, we are mistaken. The whole miracle of the incarnation and subsequent death and bodily resurrection of Jesus doesn’t simply reboot the story to before Adam and Eve scared it in their sin.

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