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Top 10 Comments on Heaven

Continuing our “top 10 title” from the last post, Lewis says a lot about heaven, in fact, The Great Divorce is a story that takes us up through a crack in heaven’s floor to help expand our perception of God the almighty. As you might imagine, Lewis makes other mentions and …

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Top 10 Comments on Church

Lewis has a few things to say about church and style and worship. Some of these instances are a bit hidden away in a number of his books and correspondences he had with people. In an effort to bring them to light, here is a rundown, a top 10, if …

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The Practical Side: Patriotism

It would be plausible that any writer who fought in World War I and lived through World War II would have something to say about nation-building. Should a Christian find some personal identity in one’s country? I found two occasions where Lewis talks about this practical issue. One occasion is a letter …

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The Hangover

Lewis shares some good advice about reading the Bible and modern commentaries about the Bible in the epilogue of Miracles. He suggests first and foremost that if you want to know what the Bible says, read the Bible, not alongside the critics and sages, but without them altogether.

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Gadgets. They are here to stay. Human history is threaded with invention and innovation, helping us with our many inefficiencies. It’s easy to believe in Friedrich Nietzsche’s Superman which was popularized further by playwright George Bernard Shaw, novelist H.G. Wells and other in the early part of the 20th century. …

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Four Types of Love

Today, love is overused and undervalued at the same time. We love everything from various foods to cars, from movies to retailers, from people to God himself. We may not consciously distinguish one use of love from another, in part because our speech is becoming more and more informal, but …

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The Centrality of the Christian Story

It may seem an obvious statement to say that Christianity hinges on the death and resurrection of Jesus, but nowadays with half-baked ideas and the jumbling of words and their meanings, we might get a Jesus who never actually died physically nor one who truly entered or conquered any grave. …

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Palm Waving

“There is a paradox about tribulation in Christianity,” Lewis says in The Problem of Pain. It’s certainly evident in what we hear Jesus speaking about in his mountainside sermons of Matthew 5, something that Lewis points out. We are blessed by being poor and being persecuted. “But if suffering is good, ought …

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pain and grief

Let’s Become Winged Creatures

The theme of God coming down to return again is a recurring one in Lewis’s work, in part because it’s an ever-present reality in Scripture, revealed in its fullest measure by Jesus. The God who descends is a God who invites. His work of revelation demonstrates his want for us …

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Wrong Side of the Door

Lewis has this great moment in “The Weight of Glory” when this sense of longing for eternity really finds its way through the dark paths of my heart. He asks whether we are on the wrong side of God’s door because we can see the beauty and freshness of creation but …

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